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Chongqing Tourism

     With a long history of more than three thousand years, Chongqing is of rich tourism resources, as well as mountain, water, forest, springs, waterfalls, gorge, and cave, etc., as one of the magnificent natural scenery, and with Bayu culture, national culture, immigration culture, three gorges culture, capital culture, urban culture it is a rich cultural landscape. Especially in the Yangtze River Three Gorges is famous for its natural sights. Chongqing has a total of natural and cultural scenic spots in the city for more than 300, including 1 world cultural heritage (Dazu Rock Carvings), 1 world natural heritage (Chongqing Wulong Karst Tourist Area), 13 national key cultural relics protection units, 6 national key scenic spots, 24 national forest parks, 6 national geological parks, 4 national nature reserves, 20 national key cultural relics protection units. In May 2015, the institute (China) has released the "2015 China tourist city attractive list", Chongqing ranked first and became the most attractive tourist cities in China.
Best Places to Visit

    The Three Gorges Region, one of the ten most famous tourist destinations in China, is the cradle of ancient Chinese culture. Xiling Gorge, Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge cover approximately 240 kilometers.

Qutang Gorge, located in Fengjie County, is the one which embodies surging characteristics of Yangtze River. Qutang Gorge, extends 8kms west from Baidi Mountain Fengjie County and east up to Daxi Town, Wushan County, is the shortest one of the three Gorges. But the cliffs on both sides are as steer as sliced by axe, only a line of sky can be seen in the narrow gorge. Hence many poets are marveled by the step and precipitous natural spectacle.

 Wuxia, also known as “Great Gorge”, stretches 40kms eastward from Daning River, Wushan County, Chongqing Municipality, to Guandukou, Badong County, Hubei Province, and is famous for the gracefulness. Along the zigzagging gorge, strange-shaped mountain peaks and continuous rugged rocks from the most beautiful gallery among the Three Gorges.

   The Goddess Peak, alias Wangxia Feng(Viewing-the-glow Peak) and Beauty Peak, is one of the twelve peaks, located on the northern bank, 15kms east away Wushan County Town. A huge rock towering among the rosy clouds, just like a slim and beautiful young lady, and it was hence named as Goddess Peak.

 The Three Gorges Dam Project is the world's largest water conservancy project. This great dam brings various benefits, including flood control, power generation, irrigation, water supply, shipping, tourism, ecological protection, and environment purification.

The best way to view The Three Gorges is to take cruises along the Yangtze River, and the best time for traveling the Yangtze is in either April or May in spring, and between September and November in autumn.

 Dazu Rock Carvings 
Dazu Rock Carvings is located in Dazu district area Chongqing municipality directly under the central government, 167 km away from Chongqing urban nine districts, over 50,000 carved stone figures relating mainly to Buddhism are spread around 74 places. It is religious inscriptions on precipices during the period of late Tang dynasty and early Song dynasty, which was given priority to with Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism statues. The content and craftsmanship are best at Beishan Hill and Baoding Hill. Beishan cliff carvings statues located in Beishan Hill which is 1.5 km of Dazu district in Chongqing area. Beishan cliff carvings statues are about more than three hundred meters long, is the national key cultural relic’s protection units, the world cultural heritage.

Ancient Town of Ciqikou –Ancient Town of Ciqikou is located in Chongqing Shapingba district, west of the main Chongqing area, and it gains its name of ware (ware in Chinese pronounce Ciqi).Ancient Town of Ciqikou close to Jialing River in the east, was a very busy land and water wharf, later with the development of the highway, the port gradually was on the decline. Ancient Town of Ciqikou now is more of a good place for leisure and experience folk customs over the weekend.

Walking in the dozens of ancient streets of Ancient Town of Ciqikou, on both side of street is the architecture in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the road is blue flagstone. Of course, like other ancient town near the city, everything in sight is renovated again in recent years. But this does not affect you feel the local conditions and customs of "old Chongqing" in here.

Liberation Stele Pedestrian Street 
     Liberation Stele walking street is located in Yuzhong district in Chongqing, is always the most prosperous commercial center in Chongqing. There are numerous department stores, hotels, restaurants, etc., is a good place for shopping, food, and walk around Chongqing, also it is one of the fashionable landmarks of Chongqing. The perimeter of the pedestrian street in the Liberation Stele as the center, including Minquan Road, Minzu Road, Zourong Road, Bayi Road and Wuyi Road etc. Many malls, many snacks, many beauties, are “three many” in the pedestrian street. You can get almost all food and snack of Chongqing on the pedestrian street. And here is a Baiyi Road Haochi Jie Food Street, you can find cheap and delicious hot and sour noodle, mountain city small Tangyuan and Chaoshou here. Here the Liberation Stele on the pedestrian street is the only monument in memory of the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression.


    Hongyadong, located in Changbai Road, Yuzhong Distric, is renowned for its combination of sightseeing, relaxing,entertaining and business, it was built based on the style of traditional architecter “diaojiaolou”. It absorbs well into the hillside and leans well against the cliffs, and it can be reached from jiefangbei CBD along Jialing River, therefore, it is the best place for appreciating Diaojiaolou complex, Hongya Dripping, old street scenes, authentic Bayu customs, confluence of rivers and various delicious foods as well. It functions as the city balcony.

    Hongyadong has 11 levels from the riverside road at the bottom to the Cangbai Road on the top. It’s a major tourist site with old streets, delicious food, restaurants, and the Bayu traditional culture performance. It’s now famous for its night views which can be admired from top to bottom.

Chongqing People Square

Combining with Chongqing People hall, the People Square is the architectural symbol of Chongqing.

     In fact, there are five magnificent squares: the People Square in front of the People Hall, the Liberation Monument Shopping Square, Chaotianmen Square, the Green Art Square and the Jialing Square. Chongqing citizens in particular, are well- known for their hospitality. They call these squares as 'the Parlours of Chongqing' and treat these squares as the best platform for communication with all the tourists coming from home and abroad. You will soon directly experience the honest and enthusiastic attitude of local people handed down from generation to generation.

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